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Dragon - Deutsch Spiel download

The Kombo dragon is a large crocodile-like animal with a slender mouth, and long tail. It has long claws and its feet look like our hands, but on the wrong sides so our pinkies are his thumbs. It has a brownish gray body with bumpy skin such as an alligator. It has two simple eyes on either side of its head, and one sensory eye in the middle of the top of its head. The sensory eye is to sense the different light that hits it. It uses this to also tell the time of year from the light of the sun. The sensory eye helps them to determine when to mate. It has four feet that are all approximately the same length.(16) He walks with them bent at the elbow, but when he runs he extends his feet and puts his tail straight up in the air.(19)(20) Its teeth are like a shark's and look like miniature saws.(16) They can get up to two hundred new teeth in a year. It has two nostrils, one on either side of the head, at the end of the mouth. Its ears are little holes on each side of the head, but the Komodo dragon is deaf. It has a yellowish forked tongue that helps it smell food. The Komodo dragon can get up to ten feet long and weigh up to two hundred pounds. The Komodo can also run up to fifteen miles per hour. (15) (16) (17) The behavior of the Komodo dragon is that they live by themselves except to eat. They will gather in groups at times to feed on carrion (dead, rotten, or decaying animals). They do this so they will know one another a little bit better. This will help them later on to determine a mate. (16) Their saliva has 40 different bacteria and an anti-coagulant (keeps blood from clotting) in it. The Komodo dragon will bite its prey. The prey will run away, but will continue to bleed because of the anti-coagulant. The Komodo dragon will track it down to feed on it using their sense of smell. Within twenty-four hours of being bitten, the prey will get gangrene because of the bacteria in the saliva and die. (19) After the Komodo dragon is done eating, it will go through a cleaning ritual which includes licking their lips free from food, sneezing to get any food out of their nose holes that might have gotten stuck, and also wiping their face in the grass and leaves. (16)

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